The BTS Wallpaper Set: Digital Download

The BTS Wallpaper Set: Digital Download

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A set of .png files for you to use as digital wallpapers, profile pictures, and more. For physical prints like posters or canvases with the same designs, check the K-Pop Collection page! The preview image is of "Interlude: Shadow" by BTS, but your order will contain digital files with synesthesia art of the following BTS songs:

  • "Intro: Persona"
  • "Interlude: Shadow"
  • "Filter"
  • "Inner Child"
  • "Moon"
  • "Outro: Ego"

After checkout, you will receive an email within 3 days containing your download link. Keep an eye on your inbox in case it gets marked as spam! I use a secure third-party service, WeTransfer, for file downloads.

Please remember to credit the original artist when sharing on social media or on other public-facing platforms; not only is this just a nice thing to do, it helps avoid other people stealing my work and claiming it as their own, which hurts my business. Also, since this is a new product format, there may be a slight delay in getting you the files while I figure out the best way to streamline this process. Thanks for understanding!

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