Social Media, Upcoming Projects, and Other Links

The Main Platforms

While most of my content from 2020 and 2021 is still hosted on TikTok, I'm in the process of migrating to a few other platforms! Previews of my music paintings and other miscellaneous works can be found on my Instagram, while voice portraits and longer written posts can be found on Patreon. I also have a YouTube, and while that's currently still empty, I'll likely be backing up certain TikTok content there in the future.

Upcoming Projects and Where To Find Them

  • (Title TBD), Memoir - A full-length memoir based on my autobiographical art series and this playlist from 2021. Currently still drafting, but several chapters are starting to reach a status where I'm open to having other people look at them. When I need opinions, I'll post snippets to Patreon! For now, the preview of each chapter exists as the Biography Playlist series on my TikTok.
  • RoCo 6x6 - I'll be submitting several small works to the Rochester Contemporary's annual 6x6 Exhibition for 2022. This year, I'm focusing my entries around '00s-to-current protest music based on suggestions from my Instagram followers. Check there for updates!
  • Future Shows - As my schedule and the pandemic both allow, I'll be aiming to attend several in-person art festivals, shows, galleries, etc. Information on these will be posted on Instagram, and also very likely to my Facebook while that still exists (but I rarely use that, and will likely not add you on there unless I know you personally).

Miscellaneous Links

  • Feeling particularly generous? You can support me with a recurring donation through Patreon or support with a one-time donation through Paypal.

  • Curious what music I'm listening to? Right now I mainly use Spotify, but if anyone has suggestions for other platforms let me know! You'll definitely find a lot of D&D and LARP character playlists there too, oops.

Direct Contact Info (Professional Inquiries Only)

Need to get in touch with an order question, or want to talk about a professional opportunity? E-mail is the best option!

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