About the Artist: Samson Weinberg

Samson Weinberg, he/they

Samson [he/him or they/them] is a 26 year-old artist sharing his thoughts on life through the lens of synesthesia, a neurological quirk he's had since early childhood. By creating art and (in the future) written works with synesthesia at the forefront, he hopes to increase understanding among the general public towards unique perspectives like his own.

He currently lives in close-knit community in upstate New York, along with his cat Chance [he/him]. When he's not painting or working on his upcoming memoir, he enjoys D&D, baking, knitting, making new playlists, and the occasional jog around the neighborhood (preferred jogging music varies, but RTJ is always a good choice.) He holds a B.A. in English from Moravian University.