Synesthesia Questions

Q: What is synesthesia?

A: Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon or quirk where input for one sense produces an additional response in another sense. For example, some people have grapheme-to-color synesthesia, where certain letters, numbers, words, etc. always have a connection to a specific color (Mondays are blue, or the number 5 is green). Another common form - the form used to make these paintings - is sound-to-color, aka chromesthesia.

Q: How do you "see" sound? Is it physically there, or is it a mental association?

A: A bit of both! The intrusiveness of my particular synesthesia depends on the sound in question, the setting, the volume, whether or not I'm caught off guard by the sound, etc. There are a lot of factors! Generally though, it's not usually visible enough to interfere with my normal day-to-day living. Please don't sneak up behind me and yell to test that theory, though.

Commission Ordering Questions

Q: How do I get my audio recording to you?

A: Once you've completed checkout, you'll receive an order confirmation email. From there, simply reply to the email with your audio! You can either attach it to the email (this is best for voicemails and short clips), or provide a link to the audio if you're using Spotify, Youtube, etc.

Q: How do I pick the right size?

A: Seeing as I sell strictly the digital files only for custom orders, I list general dimensions rather than exact sizes in inches or centimetres. The exact size you pick is entirely up to you! The main things you'll want to consider when picking a size are:

  • What orientation do you want for your painting? Landscape (horizontal), portrait (vertical), or square?
  • Am I using this as a profile picture/banner image/etc.?
  • Do I plan on ordering a print from a third-party printer later?

Make sure you pay attention to frame sizes, if you already own a picture frame. If you're requesting this for social media usage, try googling "[social media] banner/profile/etc. dimensions" to see what will work best!

Q: Can you draw [insert person's name]'s voice for me? Just this once?

A: Occasionally, I will do paintings for my own sake and share those on social media - that doesn't mean I'm going to paint the voice of a stranger on the internet as my unwinding activity for the day. I rely on custom commission orders as my main form of income, and painting things for free is something I do for myself, when and if I'm able to. Thanks for understanding!

If you're reading this and cost is an issue for a memorial piece (aka: someone has passed away and this is a piece being ordered in their memory), please use code LEGACY during checkout. This is on the honor system, friends. Please respect that. ❤️

Fulfillment and Delivery Questions

Q: Can you ship me a physical copy/print/canvas of my custom commission?

A: I am only able to offer digital files for voice commissions at this time. That means that you're strictly buying the image file(s) and time lapse video(s) with this purchase. This is primarily due to the personal, custom, and often sensitive nature of these commissions, and I am limited my ability to provide individual custom prints for every single voice order. So, if you're looking for a print of a voice or another personal order, your best bet is to order the file, then order a canvas print from a service like Canvaspop or Vistaprint. Usually they're fairly affordable and have discount/promo codes!

Q: How long will it take for me to get my finished piece?

A: I would absolutely love to have a concrete answer for you on this. Unfortunately, I'm still adjusting to this new pace of work, and also I have a brain that does not like to function about 30-40% of the time depending on how well medicated I am at the moment. Generally, I try work on a couple orders per business day, and I aim to finish paintings within 2-4 weeks of getting the audio clips I need.

If your piece is time-sensitive or otherwise has a strict deadline, please contact me before you order so I can ensure I have time to get yours done!

Please note that I cannot begin work until I've received your audio clip! If you have not received any messages or contact from me (automated or otherwise) after completing your purchase, check your spam! I have had at least one person tell me my messages landed in their spam folder.

Still have Questions?

For any other questions, please email sbwcrafts@gmail.com OR message me @samsonweinberg on Instagram/TikTok. As I work through commissions, I'm also working through emails and questions. I usually send out finished commissions and respond to emails on the weekends, so if you're waiting to hear from me, that's most likely when I'll be able to get back to you.

Thank you all so much again for your support - you've all made this dream job possible.

- Samson (he/him)